A Vespid Strain Leader with a translation helmet and Neutron blaster

Vespid are an insectoid race integrated into the Tau Empire. They are highly prized in hunter cadres


Vespid PCs[]


Dark Heresy:

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel Wnds
2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+25 2d10+30 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+15 1d5+7

Rogue Trader:

+5 T, +10 Ag, -5 Fel

Wounds: 1d5+3+(TBx2)

Starting Skills[]

Vespid are capable of high mobilityand as such are experts at manouevering around difficult terrain. Vespids gain Navigation (Surface) as a basic skill and are trained in the Dodge skill.

Starting Traits[]

Insectoid: Vespids have a physiology that highly resembles insects.

Benefit: The character counts as having Natural Armour 2 and have the Flier (ABx2) trait.

Linguistively Illegible: Vespid language is almost impossible to undersand, likely theorised to be becasue of their strange mandibles. the Tau have however developed a translator that is issued to strain leaders in hunter cadre.

Penalty: Without a proper translation device, any character trying to understand Vespid speech must take a -30 Logic test to understand. A proper Strain Leader headset can be ordered for a Vespid but only females may be equipped with this headset.

Swift & Agile: Vespid are prized by Tau Hunter Cadres because of of their incredible speed. They can rush into combat with an enemy much faster than the average Fire Warrior.

Benefit: Vespids gain a +1 to Initiative