The Tau are a relatively young race situated beyond the eastern fringes of the Imperium of Man. They are extremely technologically advanced despite not long ago being a primitive race in the eyes of the Imperium and many theories have been suggested for the rapid development and evolution that they underwent. They follow an ideal known as the greater good, which is about better the entirety of the Tau Empire over self betterment.

Their Empire is underpinned by the notion that, it is only right and noble for the individual to set aside their own desires to work together for the greater good of the Tau as a whole. Although not overtly hostile, the recent expansion of Tau territories has brought them into conflict with both humans and alien races.

Tau PC Stats[]

Caste WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wnds
2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 1d5
Air 15 20 20 15 30 20 15 20 20 6
Earth 15 20 20 25 20 25 15 20 20 7
Ethereal 15 20 15 15 20 25 20 25 25 7
Fire 15 25 20 20 25 20 20 20 15 8
Water 15 20 20 20 20 20 15 25 25 7

Tau Career Paths[]

Tau follow a caste system. This caste system divides Tau duties into five groups. Fire (Warriors), Air (Messengers & pilots), Water (Envoys & diplomats), Earth (Artisans & builders), and Ethereals (Political leaders, and inerpreters of the greater good) are the different castes in Tau society which work as a whole to aid in the greater good.

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Fire Warriors are the fighting caste of the Tau Race.[]

They are the biggest and strongest of the Tau and are the common foot soldiers. They also utilize the Stealthsuits for covert missions, Broadsides for mobile firepower and the Crisis Battlesuits for hard hitting shock troops and leaders.

Air Caste are the pilots of the Tau Race.[]

Air Caste Tau pilot the Pirahnas, Mantas and other space ships.

Water Caste are the diplomats and traders of the Tau Race.[]

The Water Caste deal with peaceful trade and negotiation between themselves and other sentient races.

Earth Caste are the craftsman of the Tau Race.[]

The Earth Caste make the weapons, battlesuits, buildings and star ships that are utilized by the Tau in their conquests.

Ethereals are the spiritual leaders of the Tau Race.[]

The Ethereals are the leading caste whom lead the Tau in their conquests alongside the Battlesuit Commanders.

Tau NPCs[]

Profiles for Tau Commanders, Stealth Suits, Gun Drones, and Fire Warriors can be found in the Deathwatch core rulebook, chapter XIII.