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Unending Dromedary

An Ancient Inquisitorial vessel that trudges through the warp and attracts demons in real space albeit impervious to them while in the warp. It is moderately armed and is currently in the use of Inquisitor Benjamin Barrington Granville Meradith-Oswald the third.

Ork ShipsEdit

The fashion in which orks "produce" ships means that almost all ork ships are unique, with the builders almost deliberately attempting to defy efforts to classify their craft.  By always putting as many weapons as possible on their ships they may equal the firepower of a larger imperial vessel but, in turn cannot take the same level of damage.  Ork meks serperb ability to piece together bits of scrap or "gibbons" into components for ships means that a wrecked ork ship may return to the fray in a few hours, but has the same chance that their own fire power will shake it apart.

Ork ships typically range in size from destroyer to large cruiser (Kroozer) with only a handful of battleship classed ships known to exist.  Yet at the same time it is not uncommon for a WAAAGH to use a Rok.  A rok is a hollowed out asteroid covered with weapons and filled to the brim with orks.  Roks are the orks way of keeping (most of) their fleets intact while travelling the warp, by keeping it in the rok until they reach realspace.  

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