Thieves, outcasts and well, scum.

Dark Heresy[]


Beggars thieves and base-born scum: the dregs of society are nevertheless hardy and surprisingly capable.


An Outcast has survived long enough to develop a certain rapport with the seedier side of life - as well as an ability to slink into the background when trouble comes their way.


A wary creature of questionable, if any, morals the Outlaw has learnt to run away, to better thieve another day. If society will not provide for them, they are happy to take what they need to survive and law be damned.


Slick, fast and violent, the Renegade knows the basics of the thieving trade, alongside all manner of other dirty tactics. Whether alone or with ganger friends the renegade is a dangerous piece of scum.


Toughened by all that life can throw at him, the Rogue is a smart, skilled and dangerous foe, never to be underestimated and always to be watched carefully.


A bladesman, enforcer and bounty hunter, a Cutter is a dangerous person to have at your heels.


Savvy and brutal, Stubjacks specialise in ambush, robbery and turf war. Some lead gangs, others operate alone but in all cases Stubjacks use strength, cunning and intimidating weapons to get what they want.

Gang Lord[]

The Gang lord is skilled in high-stakes operations, from assassination to cat burglary and data-heists. He can put together a crew, or simply awe the low cunning and high returns.


The Fixer knows the art of finding things, and people, no matter how illegal, hidden or dangerous. A skilled fence, and deadly shot the Fixer prowls the hiveways and city streets with the easy grace of a predator.


Be it in cards, cons or codes, Sharks prey on the foolish, proud and gullible. Masters of lies and misdirection, they fleece their targets with a smile.


The Charlatan is a master of thief, who can bind even planetary governors to their web of elaborate deceit. Using sophisticated and long-term plans, they are architects of cunning subterfuges that put even the sharpest of lawmen on the back foot.