A reliable and ubiquitous weapon found on nearly every battlefield within the galaxy the involves the Imperium, the lasgun is a weapon that is easily produced en masse and made famous by it's usage within the Imperial Guard.

Black Crusade[]

Produced in the trillions, the lasgun (created in hundreds of local and Imperial patterns) varies in shape and appearance but remains a reliable and functional infantry rifle. Though there are more powerful weapons, few rival the lasgun’s dependability and robustness.

Variable setting[]

This weapon speciality rule is not listed with the weapon qualities, and is instead found under the entry for the Lasgun.

Certain patterns of lasguns have a variable setting option, allowing them to fire higher powered bursts. This is especially true amongst the renegades of the Screaming Vortex, who are not forced by Mechanicus strictures to maintain their weapons to some artificial standard. Lasguns may be fired on overcharge mode, gaining +1 damage but using 2 ammo per shot. They may also be fired on overload mode, adding +2 to damage and penetration; but using 4 rounds of ammo per shot, and loses the Reliable quality, and gains the Unreliable quality.

Class Range ROF Dmg. Pen. Clp. Rld. Spl. Wt. Avail.
Basic 100m S/3/- 1d10+3 E 0 60 Full Reliable 4kg. Common