A compact version of the lasgun made for personnel not meant for line duty (vehicle crew, support staff, etc.)

Black Crusade[]

Class Range ROF Dmg Pen Clp Rld Spl Wt Avail
Basic 75m S/2/- 1d10+3 E 0 60 Half Reliable, Lasgun Variable Setting 2.5kg. Common

A cut-down version of the lasgun, the las carbine makes a good backup weapon, often given to vehicle crews or support staff. Their smaller construction (they have shorter barrels and often come with folding stocks) mean they are popular with those who wish to carry a concealed weapon as well. Las carbines can be fired with one hand at only a –10 penalty, rather than the normal –20 penalty for basic weapons.

Dark Heresy[]


Only War[]

Rogue Trader[]