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The Silent King is the first recorded, and indeed the strongest of the necron lords. It is the only necron lord known to have aided space marines in battle against the vile tides of chaos, possibly indicating that necrons may suffer a similar loyalist/chaos divide amongst their own heirarchy.

WS: 65
BS: 60
S : 60
T : 60

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Blade of Silence

Recorded in the ultramarines chronicles are the tales of the giant necron overlord, The Silent King, Wielding a huge double sided sword, with blades of which seemed to be made of pure energy of the type later found out to be guass. Indeed the weapon itself appeared to be thrice the size of a normal man.
Dmg: 3d10+10E
Special: Tearing, Power Field, Phase Weapon, Balanced*,Disintegrate

  • Balanced - +10 bonus when parrying.
  • Power Field - Successful parries with this weapon have a 75% chance of destroying your opponents weapon, providing it doesn't also have this quality.
  • Tearing - Weapons with this quality roll double the normal amount of dice and pick the highest (so for this weapon, roll 6 die and pick the highest 3)
  • Disintegrate - Enemies caused critical damage by this weapon are blasted into a cloud of ash and vapour and are permanently destroyed.
  • Phase Weapon - A phase weapon counts as a warp weapon (ignores armour) except that it also ignores force fields.

The Silent King himself (if a necron can be called such a thing) has a intricately crafted and heavily armoured frame, with the characteristical thin necron style head and slit eyes. However unlike regular necrons or their lords, just below the eyes is a triangular device that appears to be an ancient necron versionof a vox caster-like device.
His entire form, standing 12 feet tall is a tainted gold in colour, with the customary green glow of whatever powers these creatures.
Natural Armour : All(14)

Skills: Exotic Weapon Training(Blade Of Silence) Ambidextrous, unnatural strength(X2), unnatural toughness(X2),speak(all)*, resurrect**,wall of steel,dodge,step aside,enhanced bionic frame,killing blow,crippling strike.

  • the silent king must have spent at least d5 days studying a language before he/it understands and can communicate in that language.
    • The Silent King May Choose whether or not to pass or fail his regeneration test, and the tests of any necrons within a 15m radius.

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