Hive Gang HeavyEdit

Most gangs within the various hives of the Imperium scramble to acquire a Heavy; In the crumbling underhive, someone with a Heavy's skills are invaluable. Heavies have the skills or innate knack necessary to keep a gang's stolen, poorly made, or cobbled together weapons in working order. These skills can be handed down within families or guilds, but often their abilities are purely due to long hours of trial and error, blood and sweat in labor over broken and disassembled weapons.

Heavies are primarily focussed on keeping a gang's combat equipment functioning, and as such both enjoy a measure of security in thier position as gang members, and do not leave gang lairs except to foray out and test their workmanship. As such while they are used to carrying the heavier weapons for which they are named, they are not as adept at placating or relating to others. In addition, despite thier mechanical aptitude with weapons and armor, many often have no knowledge of the greater mysteries of the Omnissiah, though for matter involving weapons and armor, they excel at cutting straight to the problem with a lack of ceremony that can shock some members of the Machine Cult.

Career: Scum, Guardsman
Homeworld: Hive World
Cost: 300XP
Characteristics: Increase starting Str and Int by +3, Decrease starting Fel by -5.
Skills: You begin the game with the Trade: Armorer skill.
Talents: You begin the game with either the Flame Weapon Training (Basic), Launcher Training (Basic) or Heavy Weapon Training (SP) talent.
Equipment:You trade all starting weapons for a stub revolver (12 rounds), a knife and either a Flamer (1 reload), Gorge Grenade Launcher(5 frag grenades), or a (Poor Quality) Heavy Stubber (1 reload).