Psychic Discipline: WAAAAAGH!Edit

By Da Loota 05:21, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

Any Psyker with the WAAAAAGH discipline is are considered to be constantly generating the Weaken Veil (+2 cast roll, increased Psychic Phenomenon chance by +2 as well) spell at all times. This cannot be stopped and it has a range of 10m. For every 5 orks within the Weaken Veil range, the range is increased a further 10m. This effect happens instantaneously and can lead to the effect growing very large very fast.
If the effect grows more then 30m at any one time, the pysker gains an insanity point.


Same as Biomancy: Bio-Lightning

Fist o' Gork:

Same as Biomancy: Hammerhand

Mork's Favorite:

Same as Biomancy: Regenerate

Get Back In Dere:

Same as Biomancy: Seal Wounds

Away Ya Git:

Same as Telekinetics: Push

Mork's Eye:

Same as Telekinetics: Force Bolt

Gaze o' Mork:

Same as Telekinetics: Force Barrage

Stomp o' Gork:

Same as Telekinetics: Psychic Crush

Mork's Chosen:

Same as Telekinetics: Telekinetic Shield


Same as Telepathy: Inspire

'Ere We Go

Name Threshold Focus Time Sustained Range
'Ere We go 16 Full Action No You
The Psyker closes his eyes and, in a storm of green light, teleports himself and one other person up to 100m away.
Over Bleed: For every 5 points by which you exceed the threshold, the pysker can take one more person with him or extend the range by 10m.


Name Threshold Focus Time Sustained Range
Waaaagh! 25 Full Action No 50m
The Psyker screams a war cry at the top of his lungs, infusing his comrades with primal power. For one full round any ork in range can re-roll any attacks that do not hit and add +2 to their damage. The Psyker takes 1 point of Fatigue.