As of the Inquisitor's Handbook, Background Packages were introduced as a way of being able to flavor starting characters backgrounds with actual mechanics. These Background Packages range from the career that a character possesses, investigations a character participated in, societies and guilds that a character is a member of, the overall experiences that a character had prior to joining the Inquisition as an acolyte, or a single life changing event that has marked the character for better or worse.

Dark Heresy Backgrounds Edit

Adept Edit

Arbitrator Edit

Assassin Edit

Brother of the Red Hand

Cleric Edit

Guardsman Edit

Hive Gang Heavy

Imperial Psyker Edit

Scum Edit

Hive Gang Heavy

Techpriest Edit

Rogue Trader Backgrounds Edit

Rogue Trader Edit

Hive Spyrer

Arch-Militant Edit

Hive Spyrer

Astropath Transcendant Edit

Explorator Edit

Missionary Edit

Navigator Edit

Seneschal Edit

Hive Spyrer

Void-Master Edit

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