A Warpfall is an area created by the rare incident of a powerful psycher failing to use a power of great magnitude, and the power relapses onto the area around him..Literally obliterating the area, so that it bizarrely does not exist in the immatereum, and in real space it acts as an aura of psychic deadness. Anyone within 20 metres of one receives 1d10 insanity points every round, and psychers may not use any psychic powers in addition to the normal effect. Daemons may not go within 5 metres of one ( daemonhosts, obliterators, characters with daemon weapons etc. included) as the anomaly is not connected to the immaterium, meaning the link holding the daemon to real space cannot function there. Any daemon who enters within that distance of a Warpfall by any means is removed from play, or the GM may pick an alternative.