1: With Faith and Fire. 2: It is our Sacred Duty, by Decree of The Emperor of Humankind, to uphold the Sanctity of The Holy Cult of The Imperium: 2a: To defend Holy Terra and The Golden Throne, 2b: To root out Heresy both within and about the Ecclesiarchy and The Holy Inquisition, 2c: To safeguard the Ecclesiarchy and The Holy Inquisition against those threats which prove too powerful for them, 2d: To protect all of The Faithful of all The Imperial Worlds, whether known to the Administratum or having been lost from their records, 2e: Until such time that only Death relieves us from our post, and should we prove ourselves worthy to His Divine Providence, fight on even after our mortal lives have ended. 3: We shall stand vigilant as we watch our own Sisters, The Holy Inquisitors, and the Ministorum, lapsing not in to temptation or relaxation. 4: Above all others we shall hold our Faith in The Will of The Emperor: Above even our own Sisters, as they may be testing our resolve or lost in corruption. The Emperor's Will is The Highest Law. 5: Should any sign of the Ruinous Powers make itself apparent in our presence, we shall dutifully cleanse it. 6: Should the Heretic beg us for Forgiveness, we shall give them their Final Rite and allow them the mercy of swift death. 7: Should we cross paths with the Traitor, we shall put them to The Flame before their unforgivable sins are permitted to taint the works of The Emperor any further. 8: Sisters of the Dialogous Path shall strive foremost to become learned and skilful, using their Faith as a Holy Weapon against the scourge of Heresy and Daemons. 9: Sisters of the Hospitaller Path shall strive foremost to heal the Righteous and ensure they continue to Fight in The Name of The Holy Emperor. 10: Sisters of the Militant Path, the Sisters of Battle, shall strive foremost to do battle against the enemies of the Imperium, enemies of the Ecclesiarchy, enemies of The Holy Inquisition, and the enemies of The God Emperor. 11: A Novice Sister shall no more strive to become a Sister Superior than she shall strive to follow the tenants laid out before her here. She shall become a Superior only if she is proven worthy of the honour, and no amount of personal desire shall change this. 12: All This in The Name of The Holy Emperor. Amen.